Online Casino in Indian Rupees

There are today plenty of Rupee casinos that can be found in India. A rupee is a form of payment used as an Indian currency. It traces way back to the 6th century and the following is the latest incarnation of the famous symbol: ₹. Gambling and wager gaming has been a popular pastime around the world since its origins which date back quite a few centuries.

However, when it comes to playing and gambling online, the Indian market seems to be a step or two behind everyone else. They’re getting there though. Keep reading to find out more. There was an attempt to popularise online gambling in India back in 2010. The state of Sikkim decided to step in and tried to offer three online gambling licences.

Oddly, this plan never really came to fruition despite India being the most actively sought out location when it comes to online gambling. The state of Sikkim, does, however, permit an online lottery that is played across India. Despite the outlawed nature of online gambling, it is still possible to play online casinos with Indian rupees. We’ll tell you how.

• Offshore companies are the way to go.

• You must play in offshore online casinos with Indian rupees.

Despite the rather rudimentary nature of online gaming in India, there are still a wide range of Indian rupees online casinos for you to choose from.

We’ll go into specifics later in this article, but for now, we’ll start by explaining all about offshore websites and why these might be your best bet if you’re wanting to try your look at online gambling.

Whilst companies native to India cannot promote online casinos and suchlike, companies based outside of India are permitted to have a focus on Indian players.

Rupee Casinos: Your Best Bet

If you’re looking to play online casinos in Indian rupees, you’ve come to the right place by reading this article. Basically, what we want you to understand is that if you’re in India and want to indulge in the world of online gambling, you can still do so.

There is a natural loophole in the system, created by the ability to simply use other offshore providers. The only condition is that you must play online casinos using Indian rupees – but this is a rather beneficial term for the player anyway.

Playing casinos with INR is actually a relatively easy thing to do, despite the gambling restrictions laid out by Indian law. There are a lot of safe-to-use respected online casinos that accept Indian Rupees as payment (we’ll mention some of them later in this article) and this will make life easier for you.

By playing with your home currency, you won’t be subject to any of those annoying transfer fees. You may be subject to withdrawal fees, but this will vary with each individual online casino.

• Avoid transfer fees by playing with Indian rupees

• Look for the big names; they are safe and secure.

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Where can I Play with Rupees?

As time goes on, the amount of INR online casinos is growing rapidly. Many of the biggest names in the business have opened their virtual doors to the Indian market by accepting payment in Indian rupees.

Take Royal Panda for example. As one of the most regal gaming sites out there, the guys at Royal Panda are well known for providing quirky slots games and live casino blackjack and roulette. They accept rupees as a form of payment and given their high-security ranking and loyalty programme fit for royalty, you can’t go wrong.

Real money casinos are a popular choice for casino players the world over, thanks to their trusty nature when it comes to security. If you’re lucky enough to win some of that real money, you can expect to receive your winnings safely and quickly as they usually offer some of the best payment methods around.

Take a look at Genesis Casinos. With a library of 1300 games on desktop and a selection of almost 1000 on their mobile app, you’re sure to find something to spin wherever you are in the world.

Real Money Rupee Casinos India

A real money casino is different from a just-for-fun casino in that you are expected to spend money to hopefully win it back in large quantities. One of the best things about playing on real money casinos in India is that they often come with large bonuses in order to entice you in.

This is great if you’re new to online gambling, given that a lot of the bonuses are offered as welcome or signup offers. Then once you’re in, there are loyalty programmes offered to keep you spinning and winning.

What Sort of Rupee Casino Bonuses are Offered?

Some of the best bonuses are offered exclusively to new users and many are simply to increase your deposit. Take a look at casino moguls Leo Vegas, who pledge that they will double your deposit up to the value of ₹80,000. Some of them also offer free spins as a welcome incentive.

If spins are your thing, we’d like to point you in the direction of Wildz Casino, who will offer you ₹50,000 in bonus as well as amazing 200 free spins. Don’t delay – sign up today!

Banking Options with Rupees

One of the most important things to consider when you’re signing up to an Indian online casino allowing Rupee is which payment method is best to use for deposits and withdrawals.

If an online casino with Indian Rupees is worth your time, they will offer a variety of safe payment methods for your confidence and convenience. There should be the option to use any classic credit card like Visa or Mastercard, but in the next paragraph, we’ll tell you why this might not be such a good idea – and offer a solution.

In India, gambling is still technically illegal, so you might want to turn to another method that keeps your transactions hidden from your bank. Have you heard of eWallets?

They are a service that allows you to pay securely online without using your credit card on the website. One of the most famous is PayPal, but we recommend that for online casinos you use Skrill. Once you’ve signed up, linked your bank card details and created a strong password, you’re free to use it whenever you see the Skrill logo.

• Look for a variety of payment options before signing up to a casino.

• Keep your anonymity by using an eWallet.

• Bear in mind that eWallets could incur further service fees.

Security of Indian Casinos

Another thing you need to consider when signing up to any online casino is the website’s security rating. Thankfully, most of the big names in the business have taken the time to consider this, but you can never be too careful. Many of the top-rated sites use SSL technology, which is the highest security level encryption software.

There’s no need to worry about your rupees if you go to one of the sites we’ve suggested – they’ll be safe and hopefully you’ll be lucky. Play with confidence.

Sadly, security is something not even considered by many online casino players until the worst has happened. That’s why it’s so important to know your stuff. Always look for a website that is held in high regard. We’ve done some of the research for you, but a little more couldn’t hurt. Better safe than sorry.

Always check that the Rupee casino is licensed. It’s best if it’s licensed under either the Malta Gambling Association (MGA) or the UK Gambling Commission. A good online casino should also have a fruitful support department.

Game Variety at Rupee Casinos

A variety of games on offer is very important when you’re considering which online casino to go for. Some of the best Rupee casinos available online are at the top of their game simply because they have a huge catalogue for you to dive into.

Whether you’re into slots or perhaps a more social setup with a live dealer, there are many websites that offer something for everyone. We’re going to recommend a few of our favourites to you in the next paragraph. Keep reading to find out more.

Are you looking for a slots game to slot into the spare five minutes you have per day? Twin is one of our favourite go-to casinos for slots thanks to the massive variety.

There are over 1000 slots games for you to enjoy. Or if a live casino is more your thing. head over to the rupee-accepting CasinoCasino. As well as silly slots games, like Sausage Party, the team at CasinoCasino offers a selection of live games like roulette and blackjack, all designed by the prestigious studio of NetEnt Gaming.

• Look out for variety.

• You can choose between different game modes such as slots or a live casino.

Free Games in Rupees

Before you go spending (and hopefully winning) your rupees, you might want to have a go at free gaming. This is where the Rupee online casino offers players the chance to play a game completely free of charge in a ‘try before you buy’ type of scheme.

This can be useful for when you’re trying to work out odds, payouts and just whether you enjoy the game in general. Some of the best Indian rupee casinos that offer free spins and demos include Slots Temple and Betway.

If an online casino doesn’t offer free games, you might want to ask yourself if they’re even worth it. Surely any respectable Rupee casino would be more than willing to offer demos of their games on offer in order to entice players to join their site.

This is yet another element to consider when trying to decide where exactly is best to gamble with your Indian rupees. It can be a difficult thing to think about and decide on, but we hope that continuing to read this article will help you.

Slots Themes at Rupee Casinos

One of the best things about the world of online casino slots is the sheer amount of themes that are around. Sometimes it seems as if the crazy themes twisted around a simple slot game are endless.

There’s something for everyone but as this article is about where to play with your Indian rupees wisely, we thought we’d point you in the direction of NetEnt. Keep reading to find out about what this studio has to offer in the way of crazily unique and amusing themes.

Slots Themes with Rupees

NetEnt is a huge gaming studio and their games appear on all of the top websites, most of which are now accepting rupees. Slots are NetEnt’s strength, so it stands to reason that they offer thousands of different slots games.

Slots are their niche – and some of them are based on your favourite films. Jumanji was a worldwide hit in the 90s and now you can escape into that world with NetEnt’s spin-off slots game based on the adventure movie. You can play with your rupees on the official website of NetEnt Games.

Fees & Limits for INR

As with most things in life, there is a fee somewhere to be found somewhere along the line. Online casinos are no exception. When you come to cash in all your winnings, you may be subject to a withdrawal fee.

It often depends on which payment method you choose to use, but the fee often sits at an average of 2.5% – 5% of the amount you’re withdrawing. It’s a good idea to be clued up on the fees before you play, just to avoid any potential shock or disappointment.

Some online casinos that accept the Indian rupees as a form of payment, still have a no withdrawal fee policy – including Rizk. A win with those guys will cost nothing to withdraw but do be mindful that there is a limit on much you can withdraw at any given time.

At Rizk, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of ₹1600 for all withdrawal methods, and a maximum amount capped at ₹400000. Remember that your chosen payment method may incur a fee, particularly if you use an additional service such as Neteller or Skrill.

Rupee Casinos: Conclusion

We hope that this guide to using Indian rupees to pay and play Rupee online casinos has helped you. Always be mindful of security before making a deposit online and always give a considerable amount of thought into things like your payment method and deposit limits.

Go for the big names in gambling if you want a safe, secure and successful experience when playing with your Indian rupees. This article has given a few recommendations, but there are a ton of other casinos out there for you to enjoy.

Remember – offshore websites are incredibly important when it comes to gambling in India with rupees. By using sites produced outside of India, you’re not breaking the law but you’re still getting to experience the joy of a few hours spent spinning, slotting and – hopefully winning.

Just to finish off, here are a few more of our favourite rupee casinos that offer great bonuses and a bountiful selection of games: Fun Casino, NY Spins and 10Cric. Sign up to one of these today! Go on – make your rupees rock!